Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Transquotation Membership Value

My TransQuotation membership has been the best money I have ever spent.  The amount of work I have received from it is just incredible.   I sat on PROZ for years and could not get any work because there are so many restrictions, such as you have to be a Blue Board member and many other restrictions in which you cannot even try to bid on the project.  TransQuotation is wonderful in that they allow you to bid in your languages and it is up to the poster after reviewing your credentials.  This way it gives everyone a chance, especially new translators.  Proz is only for those that have been on the site for 10 years.  Plus the TransQuotation panel for bidding and receiving work is so easy to use and very efficient. You have the ability to invoice right from there.  Interesting how a competition site wants to bully and monopolize the market with bogus claims, thus not allowing Translators to work in a free market.


sadhana said...

Hello Marijke,
How can I access the TransQuotation Panel for submission of bids ? PLease advise. Thanks. Adolpho.

Translation To Spanish .com said...

Well, it's true that Proz has so many translators competing that it is difficult to get a job. At the moment I don't have still a membership with them, but have placed bids in the past as a free member.

On the other side when you need to hire a translator, I have found the site usefull, and even overwhelming when it comes to get proposals or bids.

I'll take a look at Transquotation and consider their membership offer.

sinem said...

I haven't looked at TransQuotation yet but will very soon. Thank you very much for your articles about TransQuotation on your blog. They are very precious.

Anonymous said...


I've had 1 year paid memberships in both Proz and TranQuotation and don't recall having received a single job through either site...maybe 1 through Proz.
For this reason I’ve never bought memberships again!
Glad to hear that some folks are having such fruitful experiences!
Esperança Melo,