Monday, 9 May 2011

Proz trying to defame Transquotation Through the Same Blog

Proz is obviously bothered by TransQuotation's popularity and it is very strange indeed as to why they are making new threads on their site over and over again about the same thing, using the same words such as scam etc.  They are actually looking ridiculous as of course a competition site loves to post negative blogs, even though TQ has never posted negative blogs by current or past Proz members.  Did you know you cannot post a "positive" blog about competition sites on Proz.  Andy must work for them otherwise there is no explanation as to why they are so vested in protecting him when they would not even know what transpired.  It is absolutely childish and bad business practice by Proz.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Transquotation Privileges

I want to thank TransQuotation for offering so many privileges for being a member.  Not just job postings but also contacts with large companies needing translation work.  It has been a great asset to be a member and receive all these extra benefits.