Thursday, 7 April 2011

Translation Board Sites is an excellent site for both new translators and also highly experienced ones.  Their job board is the most convenient and efficient in the market to get you projects and the system of bidding is flawless.


Walter Chinoski said...

Transquotation is an excellent place for acquiring jobs in many different languages. I have been very happy with my membership

Anonymous said...

Nice to find a new blob.
Peter Motte, from Translation Office Motte

JohnnyTheGreek said...

This is a great idea to have a translation blog.

If anyone needs a professional Greek translator, interpreter, editor, teacher and more please see my Google profile:



Keisha said...

Good to have found a novel blog!
Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Transquotation is really nice!
I've got interesting news every day!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for arabic/italian or english/italian jobs ;)

Anonymous said...

My name is Bahy, Hebrew and Arabic translator!

Yahya's said...

What a nice blog.

Yahya from Nairobi Kenya, member of Transquation

mathilde said...

Nice idea to create a translationjob blog.:)

If you need an accurate and reliable French Translator, Proof-reader or Localizer who translate from English into French, please contact me at

Reliable work at competitive cost offer!

brightlight said...

What a great idea!! Transquotation has helped me find jobs in the past. Any one need a Spanish to English translator for tourism, technical engineering and more....
I look forward to hearing from you. You can find me on Google.

Jorge said...

Greetings from GD, a German, English, and Spanish Translation and Linguistic Service Provider on the Web. Fast, Quality, Accurate and completely Proofread.

Best regards,

George Max
SKIPE: george.max008

Álvaro Pérez said...

Freelance translator/interpreter for Spanish, German, English and French (in whatever combination you can imagine). If you want to get more information, go to or call me at +353-87-1361428.

Berenice said...

I liked it. A clear visual and an objective content.
It's great to be part of the Transquotation's team.
Berenice Ribeiro
(Freelance Translator -English/PTBR - Spanish/PTBR)

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you here and thank you for the opportunity to be a part oа an International team. Good luck and thank you. Regards from Russia.

Kate said...

Great idea!
Will definitely join this blog! Even creted mine own to follow the posts:)
If anyone need English/French/Russian/Ukrainian translator - I'm ready to help you:)
You can sind me on Google or via skype katerina_volobuyeva.

Elodie Chatelais said...

Hi, my name is Elodie, I'm a French translator, working from English into French. I'm also passionate about music and arts in general.

Here's a link to my web site and blog:

Thanks !


valeriy said...

Fully support the idea

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sending me a note.
I am Spanish>English>Spanish translator and Interpreter. My specioalty is medicine, Pediatrics,.
I will be happy to help.
Thank you.Carlos
phome: 585-474-8140

marisafialhoschaurich said...

A blog to write about all the translation stuff is a great idea. A place where translator can exchange ideas and even help each other.
You can count on me for English x Portuguese (Brazilian) and French into Portuguese. Contact me at or Skype (marisaschaurich)

Marisa said...

Great idea!

Count on me for ENglish into POrtuguese and French into POrtuguese ( Brazilian POrtuguese). Contact me at or Skype ( marisaschaurich)

adam elmasri said...

Hi just to show my gesture of appreciation and a sincere notion of acknowledgement to transquotation I am offering and on behalf of the whole of paradetect team any translation job English/Arabic totally free of charge for the first is served basis…
Good luck transquotation and translators for your new blog
Adam El masri

khalid said...

Dear colleague,

Hoping you all the best. It's a real pleasure for me to be in touch with you to offer you a mutual collaboration between both of us either in the field of translation, editing or proofreading as I have been working as a freelance since 1990 and have actually conducted heaps of projects with reputable companies worldwide. I do really hope for collaborating with you. My language pairs is: Arabic into English and visa versa.

Hoping to hearing from you soon via my own personal

Best regards

JC said...

Cheers, fellow translators!
My native language is BRAZILIAN Portuguese, I am a graduated Electronics Engineer, Computer Systems Developer, Business Consultant (retired) and have been a Professional Freelance Translator from English or Spanish into Portuguese since 1995.
Please visit for my CV, contact and details.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Thank you!!!
Btw,if anyone needs a professional translator of English/Russian/Armenian, contact via

Good luck in your further endeavors!

Laurens Landkroon said...

I have not read the articles on their site for some time, but will do asap (in other words, thanks for the heads up....)


Laurens Landkroon
Somerset Translations

SONALI said...

Transquotation is an excellent place for acquiring jobs in many different languages. I have been very happy with my membership

tamás said...

for Hungarian-English translation, count on me!
All the best,

sadhana said...

Howdy !
How nice to find a new blog in the translation area.
If anyone needs an accredited (freelance)translator (35 yrs professional experience)German, English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish, please see my URL:
MSN and Skype: sadhana71.
(Mother tongues are both German and Brazilian Portuguese).

Abdulrazaq said...

thanks about Ur interest my name is aboulrazaq matar habeeb,my main specialist is food technology and science and too work as translator and too now working in writing in my first book
will be so glad if will working with you as translator my pair language English-Arabic
wait your reply?
best regards

Anonymous said...

it is a good idea to link people doing same business

peter.devlin6 said...

If you need any translation from German to English, please contact me on for very good prices and quick and efficient work from London-based bi-lingual Nicola Devlin

Gaga said...

If you need translation from English>Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian>English
Spanish>Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
French>Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
German>Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
please contact me.
Best regards,

TranslationSecrets said...

Actually, it happended with me personally when I posted in Proz forum positive comments about TranslationDirectory, they removed my post from proz forum.